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Tae Kwon-Do

9th Kup (White Belt, Yellow Tags)

Yellow belt signifies the Earth from which the plant takes root and sprouts as Tae Kwon-Do foundation is laid.

The pattern, Chon-Ji, literally translates to "the Heaven and the Earth." It is, in the Orient, inter interpreted as the creation of the world or the beginning of human history, therefore, it is the initial pattern played by the beginner.

This pattern consists of two similar parts, one to represent the Heaven and the other the Earth. The pattern consists of 19 movements.


  • L-stance (Nuinja Sogi)

Foot Parts

  • Ball of Foot (Ap Kumchi)
  • Sword Edge (Balkal)


  • Front Kick (Ap Chagi)
  • Side Kick (Yop Chagi)
  • Punch (Baro Jirugi)
  • Reverse Punch (Bandae Jirugi)
  • Double Punch (Dool Jirugi)
  • Rising Block (Chookyo Makgi)

All previous terminology can be tested as well as the terminology relevant to your grade.

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